Artroom is a contemporary art discovery application built with Ruby on Rails. I worked with a group of four people using Git and pair programming to colaborate. Our process included morning task delegation and progress reports and iterative development through branch pull-requests and code-reviews. I focused mainly on frontend design and UX; Active Admin; model generation; a complex index method; bug hunting and squashing; content writing; seed generation and art research. Though, being such a small team, I took on various daily tasks as they arose including constant debugging for team members and code-review. repo

Jolt is an AirBNB clone that served as a preliminary project to prepare for Artroom. Built using Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord, SASS, PostgreSQL, pg_search, cloudinary, Heroku, pry-byebug and Figma. repo


My first solo project after Le Wagon, designed using WordPress at the client's request. I am responsible for the site from the ground up including private server management. I developed the site on my localhost and migrated to a server owned by the client. AFEA is an organization, so my duties include managing the design requests of and reporting to multiple people.